hard drive compatibility

Keith keithvz at verizon.net
Fri Jun 26 10:18:25 CDT 2009

I have a hard drive that I bought 15 years ago.  Western Digital Caviar 
2420.  425mb IDE drive.  Still works fine in my Amiga.

I recently tried to image the drive using DD under linux.  While Linux 
recognizes the model number and capacity, it's unable to read even a 
single block off the drive.  I get "ABRT" errors and "DRDY ERR" errors 
during a read.

I have managed using another method to obtain an image of the drive as 
I'm sure failure is right around the corner, but I'm still interested in 
the problem I saw.

The ATA-1 standard was passed in the same year as the drive was made, 
1994 --- it's possible the drive is "pre-standard."

The label on the drive says "AT Compatible Intelligent Drive."

Think semi-recent BIOS and new versions of linux should autodetect the 
drive type ? Modify the (limited) info in BIOS? Use hdparam in linux?



P.S. drive data sheet at 

WD is awesome for still having this on their site.  Although I couldn't 
check the warranty status w/ the serial number, what the heck!?@# :)

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