HP32-II repair

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sun Jun 28 13:09:34 CDT 2009

> Since we are talking HP calcs :
> Am i right in believing that an HP-32 II with broken LCD screen is beyond repair ?

Officially yes. All HPs after (and including) the clamshell models (18C, 
28C, etc) are non-repairale. The cases are heat-staked together.

OF course what's officially possible, and what enthusiasts get up to are 
2 completely different things :-). The Clamshell models are probaly the 
worst to work on (gettign them to stay reassembled is a pain), but others 
can be done fairly easily.

> At the moment I would not even know how to open it....

There are 4 heatstakes in the battery compartment, 4 under the metal trim 
on the keyboard. The former are easy to deal with (cut off the tops using 
a 3.5mm twist drill bit held in your fingers). Some people then 'rip' the 
machine apart, I am always worried that will damage the keyboard, so I 
carefully peel off the metal overlay (use a long thin rod under the 
overlay between each row of keys) and then drill out those heatstakes too.

Removeing the PCB is then easy...

Bu the only place you'll get a replacement LCD from is another 32S-II, 
and in my expeirence, cracked LCD glass is by far the most common failure.


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