books, free for cost of shipping from austin, tx

Jim Battle frustum at
Mon Mar 2 14:14:02 CST 2009

A number of books have been claimed, but there have been multiple 
requests for some.  To prevent more of that, here is the updated list:

Windows 95 API How-To
The Definitive Windwos API Problem-Solver
Matthew Telles, Andrew Cook
750 pages + CD

Windows Programming
Annotated Archives
Herb Shildt
520 pages + CD

Windows 95
A Developer's Guide
Jeffrey Richter
Jonathan Locke
616 pages + CD

Windows 95
A Programmer's Case Book
Seven S. Chen
754 pages + CD

Advanced Windows (Third Edition)
Jeffrey Richter
1050 pages + CD

Multithreading Applications in Win32
The Complete Guide to Threads
Jim Beveridge
Robert Wiener
368 pages + CD

Windows 95 WIN32 Programming API Bible
Book 1
Richard Simon
1378 pages + CD

Programming Windows 95
The Definitive Developer's Guide to the Windows 95 API
Charles Petzold, Paul Yao
1100 pages + CD

Linux System Administration
Vicki Stanfield, Roderick W. Smith
657 pages, (c) 2001

Elements of COBOL Programming
Wilson T. Price, Jack L. Olson
375 pages, (c) 1977

Fortran IV (Second Edition)
Standard Fortran WATFOR-WATFIV
293 pages, (c) 1974

BASIC (2nd Edition)
Samuel L Marateck
475 pages, (c) 1982

An Interactive Approach (Second Edition)
Leonard Gilman and Allen J. Rose
378 pages, (c) 1976

Burroughs B 1000 Systems Interactive BASIC (IBASIC)
Language Manual
~120 pages?, (c) 1974
Three ring binder holes, staples removed

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