VAX 11/780 on eBay

Patrick Finnegan pat at
Wed Mar 4 14:25:34 CST 2009

On Wednesday 04 March 2009, Ian King wrote:
> It's definitely missing the LSI-11 console machine as well as the
> RX01 boot floppy.  It looks like one of the CPU boards is mis-seated,
> which is nearly impossible to accomplish - so I don't quite
> understand the photo of the cardcage.  It's possible the CPU is
> incomplete, although it is true there are a couple of empty slots in
> the 11/785 CPU.
> And yes, the price seems a bit inflated, even were it a complete
> machine.  -- Ian

Yeah, the last 11/780 I bought off of ebay, about 2 years ago, was 
actually complete (and functional save one PSU which I still need to 
diagnose; it would DCOK and its voltage level would fall a bit, causing 
the machine to reboot randomly), was only in the $200-$300 range.  The 
one I got before that was about $200 with a truckload of other stuff.

So, yes, it's incomplete (though an RX01 and the 11/03 shouldn't be that 
hard to come by), and overpriced by what I've seen.

A couple years ago, I even had a reseller offer to sell me an 11/785 
(tested, working) for $5k or so.  I'm not sure where this guy got his 
$10k figure from.

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