1" paper tape buy ?

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Fri Mar 6 13:35:57 CST 2009

> > So I checked the post office. =A0USPS would do the same for about $30,
> > "priority mail". =A0The big difference is that you don't get package
> > tracking.
> You can tell if a package at least was received by the foreign post offic=
> e.

I've had several E-bay purchases sent ot me by USPS priority mail 
recently. The seller has provided me with a tracking number, and entering 
that on the USPS site gives the following statuses (in this order) :

Accepted for shipmnet
Left the US
Cleared UK Customs
Arrived at the destination post office

Waht didn'w work was the 'email updates' thing. I entered my e-mail 
address and heard nothing until after the parcel had arrived, when I got 
a list of tiems and dates for the above statuses. Now, I don't nned to 
know how the parcel got to me, I need to know what's gone wrong if it 
doesn't arrive...


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