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Patrick Finnegan pat at
Sun Mar 8 22:20:58 CDT 2009

On Sunday 08 March 2009, Brad Parker wrote:
> Ian King wrote:
> >We're running our 2065 at the PDP Planet site off an RP06.  An
> > interesting experience, to say the least.  -- Ian
> Please continue.
> I wish I'd paid more attention when the DEC service guy was doing PM.
> I assume it's massbus, which means (i'm out of my depth here) there
> is a ribbon cable from the drive to a controller which in turn
> connects to the backplane?

Not quite a ribbon cable... "internal" massbuss cables are a set of 3, 
40 pin ribbon cables, and the external one is a fairly thick (1" or so) 
cable, probably 120 pins just like the internal cable (though I haven't 
pulled one apart to check).  This would connect to a multi-board 
massbus controller in the machine.

Oh, and it uses three-phase power (as do all the RP disk drives). The 
RP06 isn't too bad, power wise, it only is rated to use 12A at 208V 3 
phase operating current:

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