low-capacity compact flash

Chuck Guzis cclist at sydex.com
Sun Mar 8 22:44:08 CDT 2009

On 8 Mar 2009 at 23:27, Patrick Finnegan wrote:

> I don't know about what David is doing this for, but I've got 
> something[1] that uses a CF card for storage, which claims it won't 
> work with >128MB cards (and it actually didn't work when I tried a 
> large one in it).

I had a similar problem with a 4GB CF card in my digicam.  Just flat 
out gave the "card not usable" message and refused to do anything.

On a hunch, I plugged it into my Windoze system and did a FORMAT 
/FS:FAT (to get a 16-bit FAT) and the thing worked fine, with the 
exception of the exposure count reading "999".  

I've got three 192MB cards here and will happily swap them for 
something larger.


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