macintosh rom simms

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> On Tue, Mar 10, 2009 at 3:12 PM, Teo Zenios <teoz at> wrote:
>> Yea the Q700 was the odd one, one of the few models I don't have. Q950's
>> have 4 empty slots (max 2MB), Q840av also have 4 (Max 2MB), Q800 have 2 I
>> think (max 1MB).
>> VRAM for Nubus machines came in 512K and 256K varieties.
> Can Q700s take a separate nubus video board?  Maybe the money from the
> vram would be better spent on that.  I know some of the II series
> machines would get a performance boost form that sort of thing also.

A good Nubus video card will get you more features and probably more color 
depth, but it still goes through the Nubus BUS which is kind of slow. Built 
in video on the Quadra's isn't that bad. Once you get into the Nubus PPC the 
PDS (processor direct slot) video cards are faster then any Nubus based one 
just because of bandwidth. The Mac II series that has built in video is 
crippled (IIci, IIsi, etc), the best Mac IIs (II, IIx, IIfx have no built in 

You can probably fine some VRAM cheaper then that website sells it for, try 
LEMswap on google groups and see what comes up. I like the Supermac Thunder/ 
24 Nubus cards for Quadras, they are fast and have 3MB of VRAM for 24 bit 
color at 1024x768.

You only have 2 slots on the Q700 for Nubus cards (which is why I never 
bothered to get one), but for most people that is plenty.

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