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Tue Mar 10 15:31:54 CDT 2009

> > Yea the Q700 was the odd one, one of the few models I don't have. Q950's
> > have 4 empty slots (max 2MB), Q840av also have 4 (Max 2MB), Q800 have 2 I
> > think (max 1MB).
> >
> > VRAM for Nubus machines came in 512K and 256K varieties.
> Can Q700s take a separate nubus video board? 

Absolutely. I was actually about to suggest that to you. However, make sure
that you get a card that will actually give you a benefit. For example, I
like to use a 8*24*GC as my preferred video card, but this would actually be a
*bad* choice with the Q700 as the GC accelerator CDEV seems to freak out on
'040s. Without the CDEV, you only get 8*24 performance (and internal video
would actually be faster). 

A Radius card would go nicely in a unit like this, though.

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