PDP-11 configurations (was Re: PDP 11/44)

James Fogg james at jdfogg.com
Wed Mar 11 23:32:42 CDT 2009

>> Q-bus PDP-11/23 in the Dec half-height cabinet with 2 RL02's (a common
>> configuration apparently).
> Yes... a common 1980s small office configuration.  Pretty big for a
> single-user RT-11 system of the day (I was using a single RL01 for my
> OS and development environment and a single RL02 for customer data in
> 1986).  Not so bad for a small RSX-11 or small RSTS environment (we
> were using a machine with only 4 RL02s for a RSTS-based accounting
> system for a multi-million-dollar company in 1984).

It had 4 RL02's, but I'm donating 2 of them to a friend. And it was used
for accounting. Did this company live somewhere near Belcher's Falls, MA?

>> My second PDP is an 11/73 in a desk-side case (is that the
>> microPDP-11/73?)
> The MicroPDP machines I've seen are in a BA23 (could be racked, could
> be in a desk-side pedestal), with a 1" MicroPDP nameplate near the
> power switch.  It's spring-loaded, so you can pull it out and turn it
> 90 degrees for upright or racked orientation.

Yes, checking google shows me its in a BA23. This system was pieced
together and the case isn't exactly complete.

>> My college gave me a PDP-8 in a full rack with a fixed disk...
> Oooh... nice.  What disk?  RF08?  RK05F?

RF08. It also had lots of core, either 16k or 32k in four boards if that
sounds right. It was the maximum it could support. My memory isn't so good
given that it was 22 years ago. It had a paper tape reader too. At the
time I had no understanding of its significance. I read enough manuals to
get it to boot and I remember running a program or two but that was it. It
was clean and running, with a box full of tapes and a few boxes of
manuals. At the time my surplus Xerox 820 with W0RLI packet BBS software
and dual 8 inch floppy disks had much more of my attention and it could
fit in my apartment.

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