2-problems with VAXstation 3100-76 and VAX 3100 10e

Peter Coghlan pcoghlan+cctech at vms.eurokom.ie
Mon Mar 16 06:56:06 CDT 2009

>Problem 1:
>I have two Vax with both with similar problems. One is a 3100 VAXstation-76 and
>the other is a VAX 3100 and both give a keyboard error. Both display a backwards
>"?" and then "VT420 Keyboard Error - 4"  -- the 3100-10e shows VT320 error instead.
>The VAXstation has not run as yet, but I have had the 10e running in the past.
>Now both machines display an error. Both machines and peripherals (including the
>VT420 and VT320) were purchased through eBay.

Any time I've seen "keyboard error 4", it's been produced by a terminal. In theory,
the terminal could be faulty but so far I've always found that either the keyboard
plugged in to the terminal is faulty or there is nothing plugged in to the terminal
where the keyboard should be.

Problems with a keyboard attached to a VAX 3100 tend to produce much more obscure
error reports including a bunch of hex numbers during the power-on tests.

If you don't have a graphics monitor and intend to use a terminal as the system
console, plug the keyboard into the terminal, not into the VAX. The little switch
at the back of the VAXstation ("S3"?) then needs to be set to the correct position
(it may be already). If this is not done, you can still log on at the terminal once
everything is working but you can't use it for console commands and it will not be
possible to install the operating system from scratch. Once the switch is set
correctly and the terminal cabled up correctly, you should see the output of power-on
tests on the terminal when the VAXstation is switched on.

>Problem 2:
>About two years ago I signed up for an openVMS licence. Since then I have been unable
>to get the operating system working or either Montagar or ENCOMPASS to give me little
>more than the time of day. It has been almost 2 years since this started and I have
>tried almost all that I can think of to get it settled. Hopefully you can suggest what
>to do -- I have gone 1 year past the licence renewal and no-one has even contacted me.

I had a bit of hassle getting my membership number from my local Decus chapter (it's
probably called something else now) which I had previously joined for free but once I 
got that, everything was straightforward. There is no handholding though - you type
the relevant details into a form on the web and the licenses arrive in your email.


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