free stuff from Milwaukee Wisconsin

Jim Battle frustum at
Mon Mar 30 00:26:22 CDT 2009

I sent this a couple weeks back, about when the list went down for a few 
days.  I'm not sure if it was received or not.  There were no inquiries, 
so either nobody wants S-100 stuff these days, or the message didn't get 
out.  Sorry if it is a dup and nobody is interested.

A gentleman contacted me and said he had some things that his brother 
had made/used back in the day, but he wanted to find a new home for them 
after his brother died. I have given away my S-100 stuff, so I have no 
use for it. He doesn't want his email address on the web, so contact me 
and I'll put you in touch with him.

Al Kossow, this stuff is coming from Bob Senzig -- this was his brother 
Don's stuff.

1) Z-80 CPU 2810A assembly number 02810001A (mfg)

2) Model 2422 multi mode floppy disk controller assembly number
02422-001 rev B (mfg)

4) Data technology 018A000 rev 2 (manufactured)

5) Vector Graphics 64K RAM Assembly number 3504 (mfg)

6) Vector Graphics serial card ZCB (mfg)

7) Processor Technology Co. 2KRO (hand wired) with boot PROM

8) GODBOUT 4K static RAM (hand wired)

10) Vector Graphics floppy disk drive disk controller assembly number
356500000600 (mfg)

11) Altair DMA interface 1976 (hand built)

12) Processor technology 4K RA (hand assembled)

13) 4K static RAM by Solid State Music 1976 (hand assembled)

15) Extender card (hand assembled)

17) IMS Associates Inc 1976 CRI rev 1 Audio interface board (hand assembled)

18) Godbout 4K byte RAM module (hand assembled)

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