Xerox 820 system disks in Teledisk format?

Roger Merchberger zmerch-cctalk at
Mon May 4 18:35:17 CDT 2009

Rumor has it that Chuck Guzis may have mentioned these words:
>On 4 May 2009 at 15:17, Fred Cisin wrote:
> > "Why don't they include support for" my Vista 8" drive disk
> > controller? my Maynard 8" drive disk controller?  my Flagstaff
> > Engineering 8" drive controller?  my SVA 8" drive controller?  My SCP
> > 8" drive controller?  my Micro-Tech 8" drive controller?  my MM 8"
> > drive controller?  catweasel? Option board?  trans-copy?  turnover? .
>Why doesn't it run on my Sanyo MBC-550 or my Tandy 2000?  Those have
>the original disk controllers in them and they run MS-DOS...

with non-standard bios's's's's and memory maps.

Having used both but owned neither (but I knew where a T2000 sat never used 
about 9 years ago... the store owner still wanted $795.00 for it)

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