More broken Apples... PIE

Mike Ford mikeford at
Tue May 5 14:03:08 CDT 2009

Warren Wolfe wrote:
> Don't you want a program that lets you improve your efficiency?
> Will you always be a total noob, or do you expect to understand your 
> computer one day?
> How fast are good typists who use this program?
> Are there "speed keys" for any of these functions?
> Warren

PIE was blazing, but right on the edge of too hard to master. It was 
basically an optimized port of a editor from Sperry Rand. It was also my 
friends test mule for learning how to write the fastest code on an Apple 
II, so as he learned, the program improved to pretty much instant 
response. Its hard to describe just how slow everything else felt like, 
and in many ways still is. Zero lag is so sweet.

Many professional users preferred it well into the PC age. I only 
switched to the MAC+ because of display and peripheral issues with the 
Apple II.

Page 10 has an ad for it, and shows a partial set of instructions.

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