Beehive DM5 and Teletype Model 43 terminals

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> > - Service Manual for Teletype Model 43 teleprinter
> > 
> > 	Parts list, schematics, troubleshooting procedures, mechanical
> > 	assembly drawings, etc.  Basically, this is everything you ever needed
> > 	for the Model 43 Teletype.  If someone needs this scanned in order to
> > 	diagnose a problem, let me know.
> Is this the one with the rather curious style, in that the dismantling 
> instructions for a particlar section show an exploded diagram with arrows 
> pointing to the various parts with label on said arrows like '1 : Remove 
> the screws; '2 : Remove the bustle cover' '3 : Unplug the cable' and so on?

I hadn't looked in that much detail yet, but yes, I do find such a
diagram on pg. 1-25 of manual 369.

What I have is a collection of manuals in a 3-ring binder titled "the
43 teleprinter repair manual set for basic terminals without an
internal data set".  The binder contains the following manuals:

367 How to operate
368 Installation and routine Servicing
369 Service manual
522 Repair manual for TTL and SSI logic cards
523 Repair manual for power supplies
525 Repair manual for keyboards
544 Parts manual for:
    - Enclosures
	- Paper handling
	- Miscellaneous accessories
539 Repair manual for 42, 43, 45
    30 cps character printer mechanisms
-   Interface description for teletype model 43

The excerpt you describe above is in the 368 manual, but this manual
set includes much more than that one manual.  Manual 368 is the
thickest, the the rest of them combined are about the same thickness
as manual 368.
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