non-DEC-compat HW to read RX02's?

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at
Mon May 11 19:53:06 CDT 2009

 >Tim Shoppa wrote:

>What non-DEC-compatible stuff out there can read RX02's?
>Obviously the original RX02 drive can read RX02's... as can all the
>DSD, Sigma, etc. Q-bus, Unibus, Omnibus compatible controllers.
I still have a Sigma box  (that is about 2/3 the size of a BA23) with a 
built in
8" floppy.  It also has a built in hard drive of a size I can't 
remember, probably
about 10 MB and is able to run RT-11 quite nicely.  Since there is a Qbus
backplane, it should be possible to add a SCSI host adapter to allow copies
of any RX02 floppies to be made to a SCSI hard drive.

I realize that this is still much larger than an SA801 drive and a PC 
but much better than a BA23 and RX02 or DSD 440.

>But what can read RX02's using a generic SA801-type drive and a PC-clone?
As a previous reply mentioned, a Catweasel controller may be able to 
read the
RX02 format.  Since I still have a DSD 880/30 available and maybe even a DEC
RX02, that is not a problem for me.  Although I can't remember wanting 
to read
an 8" floppy for about 10 years.

Now reading a real TU-58 tape using a real DEC TU-58 drive, that I have done
only a few months ago.

Jerome Fine

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