PDP things on Ebay

David Griffith dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu
Wed May 13 01:52:30 CDT 2009

So, you're browsing Ebay and you're interested in PDP things.  What do you 
do?  Select "Computers and Networking" then punch in "pdp".  What do you 
see?  PDP11 boards, PDP8 books, the occasional full computer -- good. 
You also see lots of Compaq power supplies with the string "pdp" in their 
model name.  Also, some plasma displays.  pdp == plasma display panel? 
Okay, I guess those belong in there too.  I should have limited the search 
to "Vintage Computers".  But check out this item: 160332833428.  Checking 
further, it appears that this guy lists all 161 of his items under 
"Computers and Networking -> Other".  What does he sell?  Just take a 

David Griffith
dgriffi at cs.csubak.edu

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