DEC VT05 with OS/8 -- basic system rebuild?

Rich Alderson RichA at
Wed May 13 20:56:28 CDT 2009

From: Charles H Dickman
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 4:07 PM

> I suspect that it is impossible to rebuild OS/8 today. I would be 
> surprised if OS/8 was actually maintained on a PDP-8. All of the 
> diagnostic listing, for example, were generated using PAL10 on a PDP-10.

That is easily remedied.  We can certainly host PAL10 and any other PDP-10
based tools (PAL11, for example) on either the Tops-10 2065 or the TOPS-20
Toad-1 at PDPplanet.  Let me know what you need, and I'll try to track it

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