DEC ST506 Interface Adapter Part No 54-17003-01

Pete Turnbull pete at
Sat May 16 09:46:43 CDT 2009

On 16/05/2009 13:37, Dave McGuire wrote:

> Yes, but the VS2000 and RQDX3, if memory serves, use different 
> interleave factors.  I'm pretty sure the VS2000 formats at 2:1 (or is it 
> 3:1?) while the RQDX3 is capable of handling 1:1.  This will reduce data 
> transfer rates on the RQDX3. (which needs all the help it can get)

RQDX1 and RQDX2 certainly use 3:1, I don't know about VS2000 but it 
might be the same.  RQDX3 does indeed use 1:1.

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