Archiving RX50s with PUTR

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Sun May 17 14:40:36 CDT 2009

Going a bit OT from archiving RX50's...  I wonder how MicroRSX differed 
from full RSX11-M, which itself was quite compact?

It's truly amazing what was once done (in this case, by David Cutler) 
with so little memory.  Back in 1999, Lars Poulsen wrote:

"RSX-11D soon grew too large to fit on a 32KB (16KW) machine.
David Cutler decided that it was possible to implement the same
services with much less code, starting from scratch, and went on
to do just that. In 18 months, he basically wrote and debugged
the RSX-11M kernel. The system was released in source form, and
with conditional assembly could be configured at compile time
for any hardware from 8KW 11/05 to a full-house 11/45.
Over the years I worked on RSX-11M based system integration,
I eventually got to take a look at most of the modules of 11M,
and Dave Cutler's name was in the header of each one! "

Then, to hear Mr. Cutler talking as he does here, was quite a surprise:,,7832_8366_7823_8718%5E7839,00.html


Tobias Russell wrote:
> I've put up the microRSX-11 distribution floppies for anyone who is
> interested. They can be found here:
> I've started to play with getting this up and running on simh. It seems
> to boot the install floppy ok, although it hung after I selected install
> from the menus. If anyone has better success, please let me know as I
> would like to get this up and running.
> All the best,
> Toby

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