S-100 power supply transformer

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Sun May 17 20:15:27 CDT 2009

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> Subject: S-100 power supply transformer
> Date: Sun, 17 May 2009 16:51:44 -0400
> Hi! Does anyone know of an available transformer suitable for making an
> S-100 power supply? I need 120VAC input and 10VAC output and +/- 18VAC
> outputs.
> The best I solution I can find is two separate 80VA transformers; one
> parallel 10VAC output and another 36VCT output which can be configured for
> +/-18VAC outputs.
 What you want is an 8 volt and a 13.5 volt AC. You forget
that the DC voltage is created from the peaks not the RMS
average. You have to account for diode drop as well.
That is how I got the numbers. I assumed full wave rectification
and .6v per diode.
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