IMSAI 8080 for sale....

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Mon May 18 14:12:18 CDT 2009

I just checked e-bay for what is being asked of an IMSAI-8080 that is not fully tested, no floppy drives and from what I can tell only has one board

They are asking near $4000.00

So whomever takes my offer will be getting a gem for of a system at a bargain price of $2000.00

Anyway you have until Wednesday morning until I place it on e-bay.

Later people..

Michael Hart

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Hi all
   Those of you who know me, know that I have a rule that basically make me attempt to get rid of stuff that I have not used after a certain period of time.

   I have a second fully functional IMSAI-8080 ( that has been sitting around doing nothing since completed my last IMSAI-8080 project (

   Given my other S-100 projects, ALTAIR 8800b repair and restoration, and porting LINUX to my CS-250 I don't foresee really doing anything with this particular IMSAI-8080 for at least another year to two years maybe as much as three years from now.

   I have had this IMSAI-8080 since 1996/1997, which I got from a Electronic parts/component store. The store used it to maintain their inventory along, mail, billing etc from about 1975/1976 until it simply stopped working. (That was the story told to me.) It sat in their store from the day it stopped working until I came across it in 1996/1997. I made some simple repairs to the memory and its been working since that time. 

   The only issue with it is there are some minor alignment problems with the between the floppy drives. Other than that the system has always booted without issue. 

   The person who purchase the system from me will get all the manuals for all the boards in the system and the floppy drives. Also to be included is the IMSAI-8080 Manual and a number of IMSAI-8080 period related fliers. I will be sending the 50 or so floppies that originally came with the system when I first took possession of it .

  Again this is a fully functional IMSAI-8080 in near mint condition.

I am looking to get $2000. If no one is interested I will put it on e-bay and see what the market tolerate. I think that my price is a good deal consider the crap that I see people paying $1600 to $2500 on e-bay for systems that don't even work or can boot into CP/M-80

I intend to place the system on e-bay Wednesday morning is no one here gives a my expected price.

Let me know if you are interested

Michael Hart

201-290-3796 at

   The total weight is about 100lbs. I will probably have to ship everything I mentioned above in 5 different boxes. You pay for shipping cost. 

If possible I would prefer whomever purchases the system come an pick it up the system so they can confirm the functionality to their satisfaction for themselves. I still don't trust UPS/FedEx or USPS for safely get the system no matter how well I pack the system.


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