Re-installing a TouchTone keypad in an ASR-33

Tony Duell ard at
Wed May 20 13:47:51 CDT 2009

> On Tue, May 19, 2009 at 3:56 PM, Tony Duell <ard at> wrote:
> > Doea anyone know where I could obtain one of these 1-transistor keypads?
> > I bought a few US 'phones in a second-hand shop over here [1].
> Given that the switch to IC-based tone generators looks to be around
> 1982, before the breakup of Ma Bell, I'd say that there are few phones
> in thrift stores here of that vintage any more.  Maybe at an estate
> sale from someone who hasn't moved in 25 years.

Were rotary dial 'phones still being made after the breakup? Of the 4 US 
phones I found in the junk shop [1], 3 of the were rotary dial types (as 
I said, including this multi-line model 564 or something)

[1] It called itself an antique shop, but many of the items on sale were 
well under 100 years old. On the other hand the prices for interesting 
old cameras, US 'phones, etc were quite reaosnable...

> If you have access to lift the faceplate, look for a part number
> starting in '35' and a manufacturing date prior to 1982.  You don't
> want a part number starting with '72'.*

You are joking, right? I am not going to be able to dismantle a 'phone 
before buying it. In fact finding US phones over here is non-trivial.


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