HP1000 available

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Thu May 21 13:03:56 CDT 2009

> I had written...
> >> Last thing I need is more HP1K's... but I'm always looking out for a few
> To which Tony replied...
> > This is one series of HP computer that I've never been inside. So if
> > anyone knows of any available in southern England, I might be
> > interested... Particularly if they're relatively small...
> Tony - don't you have a 2112? That's a 1000M (when I said HP1K I was using 

No, the only HP mimi I have is the 2100A. Unless you could the HP9800 
series of desktop calcualators which have a bit-serial processor made 
from about 80 chips implementing a similar (but not identical) 
architecutre nad instruction set.

> shorthand for HP1000)

Sure, I got that :-)

> > Now, from what I've read, the HP1000L (I think that's the small one,
> > isn't it) used an HP custom CPU chip. But I have what appears to be a CPU
> > board from such a machine built from 4 2901s, a 2910, and microcode
> > PROMs. What do I have? What machine should I be looking for to find a
> > complete system using that sort of CPU board?
> There was actually an HP1000K if memory serves... the one I am referring to 

Following Rik's suggestion I looked at the pictures of the HP1000 A600+ 
and it appears that's the CPU board I have. Pity I don;t have the rest of 
the machine...


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