NSC, Litronix junk (was Re: Does anyone have any info about 1970s-era National Semiconductor LED modules?)

j debert jdebert at garlic.com
Fri May 22 07:47:49 CDT 2009

Chuck Guzis さんは書きました:
> As well as watches and video games.  I still have an NSC watch 
> (nonfunctioning) and I recall giving a Pong game to my brother's 
> family as a gift back then.

I still have two working NSC caluclators. One is a tiny programmable,
the size of a tiny cell phone, sold by Radio Shack, the other is a
checkbook calculator with the NSC brand.

I think I still have a couple NSC watches. Those two watches are the
most accurate I've ever had: 2 seconds error in about 30 days,
referenced to WWV/WWVH. The original battery lasted 8 years but the
replacements barely last 6 months, now. Strange.

I'm reminded of Litronix, which also made LEDs, arrays and watches.
They made an abortive foray into the then booming calculator market,
ISTR. I still have one of the watch innards, which perished in the
laundry somehow. It seems that they were in the business of producing
scrap and bullying employees and lower management. IIRC, Litronix was
soon consumed by the Great Siemens and (thankfully) is now little more
than a vague and somewhat unpleasant memory.


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