Anyone heard of a North Plug or IBM wire relays ... Re: Jones plugs, or similar sorts of plugs

Charles H Dickman chd_1 at
Sat May 23 15:19:35 CDT 2009

William Donzelli wrote:
> Yes, pictures please.
> --
> Will

My recollection was a little fuzzy on some details. The wiring is made 
up of wires with crimp terminal plugs on the ends and each relay socket 
terminal has two receptacles for the wires. The relay moving contacts 
are actuated in a group by a plastic piece connected to the armature. 
The each moving contact consists of two fine (#30) gold wires. The 
narrow relays have 4 Form-C contact, the intermediates 6 and the wide 
ones 12.

The plug and terminal strip are not part of the base socket frame, but 
were likely made by us and then added to the frame.

The date code on the chassis says 1976, so this is probably the last one 
built and then cannibalized for relays to send to customers.

After looking at it, I wish that it still had the full compliment of 
relays. It might be interesting to make something out of it.


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