IBM 029 Keypunch has arrived

tiggerlasv at tiggerlasv at
Mon May 25 13:59:21 CDT 2009

On Mon May 25, Roger Holmes wrote:

> I have searched though eBay for normal US wall sockets and to
> my surprise cannot find them. I've tried all sorts of search terms 
> obviously have not hit the right combination, unless there is some 
> which prohibits them being sold retail or something like that.

Not too many folks out here refer to them as sockets anymore;
that term is typically reserved for light bulbs, though there is some 
based on age, and geographical location.

Generally, people call them "outlets", but the NEMA terminology is 

Do an e-bay search on:    +receptacle 20A 20 Amp     (include the + 

check-mark "include titles and descriptions" . . .  and then sort by 
price+shipping lowest first.

That should help you find what you're looking for. . .

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