receptacles (was IBM 029 Keypunch has arrived)

Tony Duell ard at
Thu May 28 13:45:43 CDT 2009

> At 02:23 PM 5/27/2009, Tony Duell wrote:
> >110V AC supplies are not uncommon in the UK. The reason is that 
> >industrial portable power tools (electric drills, etc) are 110V, [...]
> >The transformers are normally in bright yellow plastic boxes (yellow 
> >being the colour associated with 110V on connectors, etc), and are rated 
> >at about 3kVA  (there are much larger ones, that's the smallest you'll 
> >easily find). They're not cheap, but an awful lot of hacker-types will 
> >have one.
> Interesting!  I had no idea.  So this is how they'll run US classic
> computers?

Indeed. I have a cable with a suitable plug on one end to fit the 
transformer (It's normally called a 'BS4343 plug' over here after the 
British Standard that refers to it , there is a CEN number, but I can't 
rememebr it :-)) and a US cable-mount socket on the other. Very useful 
for running US stuff.

It's not _quite_ the same as US mains. For one thing it's 50Hz, of 
course. And for another it's centre-tapped to earth, not one side 
earthed. But it'll run a lot of US stuff, at least for testing.


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