Panasonic JA751 8" drive question

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Sun Nov 1 07:36:00 CST 2009

On Sat, 31 Oct 2009, jim s wrote:

> Before having applied power, you might have wanted to look up some components 
> and buzzed which of the pins that the power pins went to, or looked at any 
> voltage conversion tanks for clues to the supply in and outputs before 
> applying power in any way.  It might just be that Molex had cheap connectors 
> that week, and you fried the thing completely (sorry to be down, but it is a 
> common connector)

Not likely that I fried it.  It goes through the motions of working: motor 
spins, head-load solenoid tries to engage.  Stepper steps (although a bit 

This unit is WAY too recent to be a three-voltage drive.  It's the most 
contemporary 8" drive design I've ever seen, in fact.  That's why I 
thought it was at least plausible that it ran on 12V!

I'm going to go for it and try a higher voltage.  There's no reason that a 
12V regulator would be hung off the input - through a 100-ohm, 5W resistor 
- unless there was supposed to be > 12V applied.



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