Great haul!

Steven Hirsch snhirsch at
Sat Nov 21 15:46:04 CST 2009

Today I became the proud owner of:

- Northstar Horizon w/ 2x 5.25" built-in drives + mucho software

Haven't had a chance to pop the cover and inventory the boards.

- Sony SMC-70 w/ 3 boxes of binders and software

A nice little CP/M system with built-in 3.5" diskette drives

- Morrow 8" external hard drive

This looks to be an MFM interface, or at least it has a 34-pin + 20-pin 
header on the rear panel.  Anyone familiar with it?

And the strangest one of all:

- OSM "Zeus"

I'm told this was a multi-user business computer from the early 80s, but 
the person who gave it to me had no documentation or other information on 

Oh, and about 40 boxes of 8" SS/SD NOS diskettes still sealed in plastic 
and about 10-20 boxes of 8" SS/SD hard-sectored diskettes, most still 
sealed.  I'm not sure I really need all the diskettes and may offer them 
for the price of shipping - stay tuned.

Also, 4-5 large shelf bins full of 8" application master diskettes and the 
entire CPM-UG collection.

This will all take a while to go through.



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