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2009/11/23 Göran Axelsson <axelsson at>

> Eagle Eye Pontus!
> Nice spoting! It surely looks like a Tandberg keyboard used by Norsk Data.
> If I have understood the scattered pieces of early Norwegian computer
> history right then Kongsberg Våpenfabrikk AS and Norsk Data AS were direct
> competitors in the early years around 1970. Later on ND concentrated on the
> mini computers while

They might have been.
Another part of history is that the predecessors of the first Norsk Data
machines were machines built at Kongsberg (now if Kongsberg designed those
machines alone, in cooperation with FFI, or if FFI designed them alone, I
don't know).

> they bought and rebranded the peripherals from other makers. Kongsberg
> dropped the computers and started to make peripherals and develop software.

For part of their history, Kongsberg also made "controllers" (cnc and other
industrial processes) based on their computers. If this part extended into
ND's timeline, I don't know.

> Too bad I'm so far from that Kongsberg machine. It should definitely be
> saved in some way.
> Is it a complete machine? Is it a computer or some peripheral? How big is
> it? Any software, documentation or tapes left for it? Is there any way to
> tell the age of it?

To me it looks like it has a complete OMP (Operators Maintenance Panel),
which is an indication that the main rack of the machine is there at least.

Hopefully, people with more knowledge will correct / extend this
Torfinn Ingolfsen,

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