isa 486 computer-on-a-board type things

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at
Mon Nov 23 18:26:10 CST 2009

Brian Lanning wrote:
> Hi Everyone.  I have no idea what these things are called.  They show up on
> ebay all the time and look like entire 486 machines on a full-length 16-bit
> isa card.  I'm assuming these are designed to be plugged into a passive back
> plane.
yes, they are intended for use in passive backplanes.....

I once tested one on a dead PC motherboard (I removed/cut out
as much as I could of the chips).  I never tried adding any other
cards .... I was using the old (dead) PC board to put power to the

Later SBCs are PICMG, and have an ISA bus and a (modified/
repositioned) PCI bus connector.  I have a few systems and SBCs
of this type here.

PICMG I think started in the pentium generation.  Prior to that
they may have all been ISA only ?  Don't know of any variant that
ever carried a VL-bus off the SBC (what would have been the
point, as the primary use of the VL-bus was for graphics... not
the SBC's intended use).

-- Curt

> I've always wanted to tinker with a computer of this design, but I haven't
> had any exposure to them.  Is there anything I should look for or avoid
> before trying to buy one of these boards?  Thanks.
> brian

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