Switches & Blinky Light Front Panel for PC?

Rick Bensene rickb at bensene.com
Tue Nov 24 08:59:28 CST 2009

OK, so this might break the ten year rule, but I'm curious.

Has anyone ever built a switches and lights front panel for a PC?

I'm talking a real front panel (not some USB-attached, software-driven
thing) that can control an X86 PC...one that has address, data, and
state lights, address/data switches, and control switches (Exam/Exam
Next, Deposit, Load Address, Run/Stop, Single Step, etc.)?

Is such a beast even possible?  Might be somewhat difficult with
multi-core CPUs, but maybe a Pentium 3 or earlier?
While such a thing would probably be of limited use for anything really
practical, it would be interesting (to me at least) in some twisted way.

Rick Bensene

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