Cleaning packs

Guy Sotomayor ggs at
Tue Nov 24 20:14:53 CST 2009

On Nov 24, 2009, at 3:20 PM, Charles H Dickman wrote:

> Guy Sotomayor wrote:
>> Generally what I do is the following (note that I've only cleaned  
>> RK05 and RL packs):
>> 1. blow out any dust/grime with compressed air
>> 2. do an initial cleaning of the outside of the pack with alcohol  
>> and lint free cloths
>> 3. disassemble the pack
>> 4. clean platter with alcohol and lint free cloths.  This also  
>> provides the opportunity to inspect the surfaces.  I toss any  
>> platter that shows any abnormalities (cleaning up after a head  
>> crash is too time consuming to waste on a marginal pack)
>> 5. clean the remainder of the pack with alcohol and lint free cloths.
>> 6. use lots of compressed air
>> 7. reassemble the pack
>> It takes me 1/2 hour to 1 hour to clean a pack.  I do this in a  
>> bright well lit and well ventilated space.  I haven't had a single  
>> head crash since I started doing this.  I've probably done a few  
>> dozen packs this way.  However, I have ~300 pack backlog.  :-(
>> TTFN - Guy
> Seems straightforward enough. What is the source of compressed air  
> and what kind of lint free cloth do you use? Does vacuum have any use?

Compressed air = air compressor with pressure regulator with filter  
and water & oil trap (ie not a "hobby" air compressor).  I have a  
few.  The "big" one is for running air tools (ie working on cars and  
such).  My smaller one I usually have the regulator set at 20psi and I  
use a "blow gun" attachment.

I purchase disposable lint free cloths.

> I imagine the process of cleaning an RK05 drive would be very  
> similar. Basically remove ALL the dust and then put it back  
> together. Has anyone experience in cleaning an RK05 drive? I have  
> one that was left open for several years before the machine was  
> decommissioned.

That's it basically except for dealing with the "DEC foam" which I  
always replace (unless it's obvious that it was recently done).

TTFN - Guy

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