Cleaning packs

Tony Duell ard at
Fri Nov 27 15:04:22 CST 2009

> >    Dave, people who know "the works" are so uncommon that you'd be  
> > surprised.
>    This is frightening and disheartening.  But yes, I see lots of  

I have, alas, come to terms with it. To be honest I generally associate 
with those few people who do void the warreaty on everything they own on 
the day of purchase :-)

> evidence of this every day.  It makes me sick.

I witnessard an incidnet the other day (I will discuss it off-list only!) 
which could have beena lot more serious than it was. But I am convinced 
that if one of the people involved had had a very slight knowledge of 
motor car engineering, it wouldn't have happeend at all. 
> > I still believe the Radio Amateurs' Handbook should be used on  
> > schools...

Of failing that, H&H (for some odd reason this book is not popular in 
educational establishments ove here...)

it others me -- a lot -- that the lowest level amatuer radio license over 
here prohibits you from designing a transmitter. You have to use a 
ready-uilt one, or one built from an approved kit (or maybe to an 
approved design). Ouch!. Fortunately I have the full license...


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