Ten Year Rule

Ben bfranchuk at jetnet.ab.ca
Fri Nov 27 23:00:46 CST 2009

Dave McGuire wrote:
   I still find it pretty easy to use, though, honestly.
>   That said, though...you want air variables, just bite the bullet and 
> do it.  I buy everything short of food and clothing on eBay and have 
> saved a fortune that way.

Shipping for me is also expensive. I want the real rare item,
not the L@@K RARE CD, PC or Boom box. Every now and then I look
for Reel to Reel tapes but that is mostly it. I'd also look for classic 
computers too but finding anything past PC's and apples is hard since I 
need a whole working system, not board ABC-bus 2972D.

>              -Dave
PS. 15 minutes later ( loading time )
Vintage Computers : other
... Lots of games, servers/cpu's and tubes (audio)...
Oh wait out of 200 items about 1/2 dozen computer items.
PPS Let my know if you find a few thousand 74LS13's
for pennies each and I will build that TTL computer I always
wanted. :)

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