Ten Year Rule

Tony Duell ard at p850ug1.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 28 12:37:22 CST 2009


> Shipping for me is also expensive. I want the real rare item,

That can be a problem for me too (and I guess just about aeveryone). In 
gernaly for larger/heaveir things (complete classic computers, etc) I 
want the pick them up in person, or at least have them shipped from 
withing the UK. ut odd boards, variable capacitors (:-)), small units, 
etc, I'll pay the shaipping from across the Pond.

It depends on what it is. As I mentioned in another message I am looking 
for an Epson MX80 printer. I am not going to pay to have that shiped from 
abroud [1]. But I did pay for air-mail shipping on a large and heavy 
HP9125 plotter becuase it is so darn rare I am not going to find one in 
the UK.

> not the L@@K RARE CD, PC or Boom box. Every now and then I look
> for Reel to Reel tapes but that is mostly it. I'd also look for classic 
> computers too but finding anything past PC's and apples is hard since I 
> need a whole working system, not board ABC-bus 2972D.

Obviously I am looing on a different E-bay. I've found all sorts of 
classic compoters there. And yes, bought some of them. Mostly (but not 
exlusively) HP stuff.

Sometimes you have to piece together the machine you want. Buying odd 
boards, etc. But that's part of the fun.

> PPS Let my know if you find a few thousand 74LS13's
> for pennies each and I will build that TTL computer I always
> wanted. :)

I am wondering why you'd want a lot of 4-input NAND schmitt triggers to 
make a computer. Lots of NAND gates, sure..


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