Cleaning packs

Brad Parker brad at
Sun Nov 29 14:51:36 CST 2009

Paul Anderson wrote:
> I had a homemade
> RK05  exercisor which also did alignments, but I loaned it to someone on the
> list to use, reverse engineer, and make available to the list about 2 years
> ago. Haven't heard from him since.
It's me.  I still have it.  I did 1/2 the job and then fell off the 
planet with one of several
crazy consulting gigs.  Customers... always gettting in the way of my 
fun :-)

The good news is that I recently picked up two nice RK05J's and I plan 
to get them
operational in the near future.  I previously restored an RK05 in much 
worse condition so
I'm hip to all the foam/filter/belt/voice-coil issues.  At least some of 
them anyway.

I promise to finish the job and return your tester.  I should be able to 
get get it done by year end.

And I'll publish everything as usual.


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