Nand gate computer.

Eric Smith eric at
Mon Nov 30 22:47:13 CST 2009

Tony Duell wrote:

 > It's a pity there never as a TTL multiplexer with open-collector outputs.
 > That would be an ideal device.

I wrote:
> 74LS605, 74LS607

Chuck Guzis wrote:

 > Aren't those multiplexed *latches*?

I thought they were.  If they were latches, they would work fine as 
muxes by holding the clock in the active state.

 > (i.e. 2 8 bit registers with the abiltiy to select one or the other 
latch as output).

That's the problem.  Contrary to the title of the data sheet, they 
aren't latches, but rather registers.  Oh well.

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