Classic computers endangered!

Ian King IanK at
Thu Oct 1 23:13:06 CDT 2009

We just haven't found one in decent condition at a decent price... and it hasn't been a priority.  (I have one in my personal collection, and, well, it's a computer.  With *no* blinkenlights.)  Now if you have a PDP-11/70, or an IBM 360/67....  :-)  -- Ian 
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On Thu, 1 Oct 2009, Ian King wrote:

> Well, we have everything but a Straight-8 and an 8/a (but we're always
> looking).  The 8/i doesn't seem all that uncommon.  Of course, according
> to New Scientist, we don't even exist.  :-)

Is there a reason you don't have an -8/a?


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