IMP system software

Philipp Hachtmann hachti at
Fri Oct 2 07:14:14 CDT 2009

Adrian Wise wrote:
> The 516 and the 316 are 100% code compatible.
Just wanted to write that...

> Just the cycle time 
> differs (0.96us for the 516, 1.3us for the 316 IIRC)
Have you tuned up your H316? My machine is running on 1.6us! In that 
case I would be glad to get your CPU and memory timing configuration :-)

(Otherwise it would be an interesting experiment to see if and how much 
faster a H316 could be made. I'm quite confident that Honeywell/3C 
delivered the machines in a very stable configuration with big reserves 
with respect to reliability)

Best wishes,

Philipp :-)

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