DEC and HP hardware to go in Europe

N0body H0me n0body.h0me at
Mon Oct 5 23:21:39 CDT 2009

>>> Rik Bos wrote:
>>>> So it works ?
>>> yes, chugging along happily with 9.10
>> Was 9.10 the last 680x0 version of HP/UX, or were there later
>> ones? Do you have install media?
> 9.10 is the  last version for the motorola 680x0.
> Yes, but I think it's easier to ask Al to make it downloadeble.
> Because I uploaded the images to Al.
> I'm not sure if they are free.
> I think if you have the according HP hardware, you have a license to use
> it.
> -Rik

Hmmm, I'm wondering about this.  I have a GPIB drive that goes
with my 370 that has HPUX 9.x, but I have neither passwords nor
install media.  I may have to stick with *BSD.  I suspect HP 
is pretty watchful over their IP.

Are you using tape or disk images?

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