philips PBX

Bert Thomas bert at
Tue Oct 6 05:01:05 CDT 2009

I'm subscribed to the digest version, so I'll reply to all questions at 
once in this mail.

    Were you expecting something other than a bunch of relays? ;)
PBXen are typically very low-tech compared to the rest of the world.

I hoped to find some electronics for for example dial tone generation.

Is that an important question? I like it :-)

I don't to trash it if it is valuable to someone.

Nice device. Why not give it to a telecom museum or hook it up with
a few old rotary type phones? Would be a nice setup for demonstration.

I did think of a telephony museum. But the reason for not choosing the 
other option is that I have so many old systems now that probably even 
if I started playing full time with them from now till the day I die I 
probably cannot do everything I would like to do. So I choose to 
restrict my time to just the systems that give me the most satisfaction. 
I'm addicted to satisfaction! :-)


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