"Imaging" a MFM drive?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Tue Oct 6 10:08:32 CDT 2009

e.stiebler wrote:

> Joachim Thiemann wrote:
> > Hello,
> >    Out of nostalgia and curiosity, I'd like to attempt to "image" the
> > drive, to see if I can get at the old Amiga files.  Any idea how this
> > might be possible?  
> If you don't succeed, and can wait, we just got our boards in from 
> assembly. We made an (hopfully) universal MFM reader/writer/emulator.
> But as usual, we are still fighting software issues. Not even an idea, 
> when we will be ready for user data.
> Just saying, don't throw away the drive ;-)

Any more facts available? Online?
I'm asking because I guess quite some people might be interested in this.
I only know of solutions for replacing specific ST506 interface harddisk
(no "generic" replacement) and even those are kinda expensive.
I guess it must have a quite decent microprocessor to emulate it. What
real storage will be used to save the data on? CF-card, SD-card or
something? I fear this because they are not that good when it comes to
many reads and writes (I have systems where the swap is for example on a
MFM harddisk as well...)

So.. can you share more information or do you have a page online?

 Oliver Lehmann

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