HP/UX 9.x (Was: DEC and HP hardware to go in Europe)

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>> Hmmm, I'm wondering about this.  I have a GPIB drive that goes
>> with my 370 that has HPUX 9.x, but I have neither passwords nor
>> install media.  I may have to stick with *BSD.  I suspect HP
>> is pretty watchful over their IP.
> It isn't HP you have to worry about any more, it is TAMS that sells HP-UX
> 9.10 for the Hp 300 series of computers. $1800 for a 2 user license.
> http://www.tamsinc.com/hpux/hpux910.htm
> -Jon

Oh, so TAMS actually owns that IP, then.  That's interesting, I
would have thought HP would have used what I call the 'Scorched IP'
approach, kinda like: 

"Sorry, you can't have that version, it's no longer supported. It 
is not freely available, we will not make it freely available, and 
we will hunt down and kill anyone who illegally distributes or attempts 
to distribute it."

Seriously, though, $1800 is a bit rich for hobbyist use, but I suspect
that price reflects the fact that there's probably *alot* of ATE based 
on that platform that's still in use (somebody correct me if I'm wrong). 

A good solution can still do the same job a decade (or more) from 
now . . .

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