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Fri Oct 9 10:40:53 CDT 2009

Zane H. Healy & Ethan Dicks wrote:

>> This reminds me that I still need to take some time to image my
>> MicroVMS distro floppies.  I'm sure they aren't unique, but I'm not
>> sure where I'd get uVMS from the 'net (and ISTR, there are no versions
>> of full VMS that fit on an RD51 or RD52).

> This is something I for one would like to see preserved.  I have a
> VAXstation II/RC that ran MicroVMS.

To clarify about VMS / MicroVMS versions I've looked into some VMS V4.x tapes and found out the following:

Version Type     Date written   MicroVAX support
V4.0    Full     23-SEP-1984    NO
V4.1    Update   <missing>      ??
V4.2    Full     12-JUL-1985    NO
V4.3    Update    9-JAN-1986    VMS043.A-COMMON FILES / VMS043.B-VMS ONLY / Saveset VMS043.C-UVMS ONLY
V4.4    Full     30-MAR-1986    YES (integral part of all Savesets)
V4.5    Update   26-SEP-1986    same as with V4.3 (individual Savesets)
V4.6    Full     15-JUN-1987    same as with V4.4 (integral part of all Savesets)
V4.7    Update   29-OCT-1987    same as with V4.3 (individual Savesets)

That seems to me a rather good proof that MicroVMS versions are (at least from V4.3 onwards) functionally equal
(to the extend possible on MicroVAXen) to the corresponding VMS versions. 

Distribution tapes were identical, whereas the RX50 floppy sets most probably were not (as to save space/floppies).

I'm still looking for the following versions:

- MicroVMS V1.0 ( = MicroVMS V4.0 ???)
- MicroVMS V4.0
- MicroVMS V4.1
- MicroVMS V4.2
- VMS V4.1
- VMS V4.2 MUP (Mandatory Update)
- VMS 4.3A
- VMS 4.5A
- VMS 4.5B
- VMS 4.5C
- VMS 4.6A
- VMS 4.6B
- VMS 4.6C
- VMS 4.7A

Can anybody help ??? 

All other versions are available to anyone who wants them.



My MicroVAX I runs MicroVMS V4.4,
my two MicroVAX IIs run a VMS V4.6 LAVC together with two VAXstations 2000 

Who else has got MicroVAX Is or at least parts to build one???
I'm currently scanning EK-KD32A-OM-002 MicroVAX I Owner's Manual for me & 

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