Free VAX/Alpha hardware

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Subject: Re: Free VAX/Alpha hardware

> On Oct 9, 2009, at 11:25 AM, Henk Gooijen wrote:
>> when you have made images, I would love to download them.
>> I can test the images. I have a stack of RX50 floppies waiting to
>> be written with something useful. And I would love to "endure"
>> what other people did some 20 years ago. It seems fun to install
>> microVMS on my uVAX II or uVAX III, and a nice activity to do
>> during the Holidays indeed :-)
>   I can tell you Henk, having done it 20 years ago, there's  absolutely 
> nothing fun about installing MicroVMS from floppies.
>   Installing it from other media, yes, but not from floppies. ;)
>   (that said, I'd not mind a copy myself!)
>            -Dave

I guess you are correct Dave, but may be every serious collector
should have experienced that job once :-)  Besides, if the installation
takes an afternoon, there are always plenty of other little things to do.
Like reading about classic stuff ...

- Henk.

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