Catweasel support for Intel M2FM working!

Shoppa, Tim tshoppa at
Tue Oct 13 12:20:48 CDT 2009

Al writes:
> Brian Lanning wrote:
>> He says that all of the floppy file formats just end up being a series of
>> blocks one after another so that all you need to know is the block size and
>> the number of sectors per track.
>I didn't know if I should laugh or cry when I read that sentence. It certainly
>explains why software support from the vendor for the board is so poor if he
>seriously believes that.

Everybody has to draw boundaries over what they're gonna try to do, and what they not try to do.

I think it is reasonable for the Catweasel people to say they only log transitions on the floppy and that they don't try to do anything else.

Other people can pick up where their expertise comes in.

Details of file formats of every obsolete 12-bit OS is not something I would trust the Catweasel people to do in fact.

I know of floppy disk formats that in fact are not in fact fixed sector size, they are more like a cassette tape filesystem where sectors vary in length as necessary.

Remember Al, that's why we go for image files as the actual archive with everything else just an interpretation or display.

As Tom Lehrer wrote:

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   who cares where they come down
   that's not my department,
   says Wernher von Braun"


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