Any experience with or recommendations on restoring rusted galvanized steel?

Ethan Dicks ethan.dicks at
Tue Oct 13 16:17:08 CDT 2009

Hi, All,

Some of the equipment I have has been through the wringer before it
got to me so I have a couple of items of unpainted, galvanized steel
where the galvanization is gone in patches larger than your hand and
the steel underneath has oxidized to black (not so bad) or red (not so
good).  At the moment, I'm dealing with a single-board-computer "base"
and a semi-custom rack shelf that both need some help.  I know I can
treat red iron oxide (rust) with naval jelly, but then I still have
bare steel with no galvanization.  I'm not expecting to get a
cosmetically perfect item, but is there a good way to restore/protect
things like this, or should I just expect to paint the entire item (it
would look strange to just paint the formerly-galvanized area).

Obviously, descaling, sanding and painting is one way to deal with
this.  I'm looking for possible alternatives.

Thanks for any suggestions or pointers,


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