DECTapes on eBay - MADNESS??!?

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Tue Oct 13 21:58:30 CDT 2009

On Oct 13, 2009, at 10:07 PM, Al Kossow wrote:
>>>> Need some? Could trade.
>>> Do you know what system they were from? Are there any old PDP-10  
>>> system tapes,
>>> in particular.
>>   Are you looking for something in particular?
> old versions of TOPS-10 and TENEX

   I doubt I have those, but I will look through the tapes.  I just  
got another big pile of them earlier this year which I've not yet  
gone through; I'll do that and let you know what I have.  I'm  
preparing for a road trip so it may have to wait until my return in  
about 2.5 weeks.


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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